Friday, 22 June 2012

Lebron James

Can we all move on now? I hope so, but based on the various posts I have been reading on numbers basketball forums, the 'love him or hate' debate surrounding King James seems unlikely to end anytime soon. It is apparent that the addition of a championship is not going to change the opinions of his haters. The shortened 66-game season is already being used as an excuse, whilst his fans clearly are looking to right the inevitable wrongs and settle as many scores as they can.

I have long stayed away from the James debate and the emotive language that seems inevitably seems arrive at the mention of his name. I do not support any one particular team or player and simply love to see great players playing the game at the highest possible level. There is little doubt in my mind, that James is a great player. His speed, finesse, strength & skill for of a man of his size are almost unmatched and he has been the dominate player this year - both during the regular and post-season.

No matter what you think of the man, if you love basketball, I can not see how you could not enjoy watching his performances during this postseason. The NBA Championship and MVP titles were all well earned. It has taken him nine-long years to get there, but the potential, that became expectation, has finally resulted in a victory.

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