Saturday, 16 June 2012

Check Out My Cards!

I recently decided to try out and placed an order for 100 lower price cards on their website. This morning the cards arrived and I have to say that I am very impressed with the website and its service offering. The site itself is intuitive and simple to use. I was quickly able to locate the cards I wanted, add them to my cart and make a payment via PayPal. 

My order was quickly acknowledged by the site and I received regular communication, prior to them being dispatched. I particularly liked the e-mail I received that provided a copy of my invoice and included a simple statement that read "your order is being packaged to....if this address is incorrect, please reply to this email". Simple, but a very nice touch.

The package arrived in the mail today and as you can see from the image above, was superbly packaged. Each card was in a soft sleeve and then placed into a standard 200 count card storage box. The box was then packed out with polystyrene foam. This box was then packaged in a second box and again packed out with polystyrene foam and my invoice. Perfect!

In short an excellent experience and one I will look to repeat regularly; particularly for lower priced cards which are not always easy to find. I am that impressed with their website, that in the not too distant future I am going to send in some cards to sell as well.

Thoroughly recommended on my part.


AbdulWaahid Massey said...

I love the COMC website..I hadnt purchased anything from the site yet, I have been using it only as a seller which has been great. Where else would I be able to sell 90s common & base cards.

Willy Oei said...

hey if you're looking for pricing on cards that are base on eBay prices, you should really check out

they are small and starting, but there is huge potential!