Saturday, 23 June 2012

Box Break: 2010-2011 Limited

Whilst, purchasing and trading for singles is the mainstay of my involvement in the hobby, breaking boxes every so often is something that I, like the majority of collectors, just love to do. So, ahead of the release of the 2011-2012 Panini Limited, I decided to crack open a couple of boxes of last years incarnation of this premium product.

Unless, I intend to put together a base set of a particular release, I have long preferred boxes which feature a small number of cards. With seven cards in each box, Limited certainly meets that requirement.

So without further ado, her are the scans of the cards that I pulled from the two boxes:

Base: Marcus Thornton (75 of 199)
Silver Spotlight: Rajon Rondo (105 of 149)

Threads: Karl Malone (117 of 119)
Trios: Kobe Bryant / Lamar Odem / Pau Gasol (42 of 99)

Next Day Autographs: Da'Sean Butler (83 of 99)
Team Trademarks Silver Spotlight: Lebron James (47 of 49)

Rookie Card: Quincy Pondexter (11 of 249)

Base: Russell Westbrook (183 of 199) 
Silver Spotlight: Jerry Lucas (133 of 149)

Gold Spotlight: George Gervin (49 of 49)
Retired Numbers Gold Spotlight: Hakeem Olajuwon (7 of 24)

Threads: Tyler Hansborough (180 of 199)
Freshman Jumbo: Luke Babbitt (24 of 99)

Freshman Jumbo Signatures: Quincy Pondexter (10 of 99)

Jumbo Jersey Numbers Prime: Carmelo Anthony (1 of 10)

OK, so I am not going to able retire with the proceeds when it comes time to sell the above cards on eBay...unless Quincy Pondexter has a huge breakout year in 2012-2013! But, the Kobe & Lebron inserts are not too shabby and I am sure a fellow collector will happily add the Carmelo Anthony patch card to their personal collection.

All of the cards are available to buy or trade. Although, if no interest in the coming couple of weeks, I will be sending them off to checkoutmycards.

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