Thursday, 5 July 2012

2007-08 Exquisite Finalists - Lebron James & Tony Parker

In the mail today, is easily the most expensive single card that I have purchased since my return to the hobby. But when you consider it is features an on-card autograph of Lebron James and is from Exquisite release that is hardy surprising!

When 2007-08 Exquisite was first released in mid-2008, I decided that I would attempt to collect a complete insert set from the release and settled upon the 20-card Finalists Dual Autograph set. Each card in the set was serial numbered to 25 and featured autographs of two stars/legends who had played in the NBA Finals during their career. Over the following twelve months, I managed to get pick up 14 cards as they appeared on eBay. The addition of the Lebron James & Tony Parker, leaves me needing five more to complete the set.

The short print run and increase in prices for Exquisite cards, means that completing the set is probably going to take a while. I refuse to pay the extortionate prices that some sellers are demanding and happy to 'play the long game' with this particular chase. The cards will turn up eventually.

The arrival of this card, does though give me a good excuse to showcase the other 14 cards that I have in my collection!


Anonymous said...

Awesome set. Some incredible graphs and them being on-card makes them even more impressive!

When did Steve Nash play in the Finals? That's the only strange inclusion to me. Maybe now going to the Lakers he'll finally make it there.

threepointplay said...

Good call on Nash! I can only assume that a 'Conference' Final is deemed good enough to feature in the set!

Dodgerbobble said...

Beautiful stuff. Two Kobes! Nice.

Michael Chase said...

Wow, these are truly amazing!!!

dkwilson said...

Amazing cards!