Thursday, 31 May 2012

Another long chase...

Whilst I am trying to urn over a new leaf, I probably still have way way too many chases currently on the go. As I have been sorting through my collection, I keep coming across partially completed sets, that I have started but not managed to complete. The challenge I have had this week has been in deciding which sets to try and complete and which ones should I simply throw in the towel and sell the partially completed set on eBay.

My 1998-99 Autographics insert is a perfect case in point. I have 88 cards from this set, which means, with 139 cards in the set, I have 51 more to find. OK so the good news is that I am nearly two thirds of the way there. But 51 cards? Without a concerted effort, that really could taken me an age to complete! And that is before I even consider the fact, that I am missing the really hard to find short printed cards - such as Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen or Dennis Rodman - from the set!

But it feels too late to turn back now and I simply cannot stop and leave a partially completed set in my collection. But, clearly my OCD tendencies prevent me from leaving a set partially complete! What would be the point of that?

So the only option is to keep pushing forward and get the missing cards loaded up into my eBay search tool (GarageBuy) and see if I can at least get a little closer to completing another loooong chase!
Ratcliff Rice
Stoudamire Fisher
Gugliotta Kerr
Kidd Mercer

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